Karen Adams Calendar Refills

Karen Adams Calendar Refills - Relish New Orleans

Karen Adams 2019 Calendar Refills

  • Twelve calendar months of 2019 packaged and tied with a satin ribbon.
  • Each month has its unique design and competes with the other eleven months to win the best time of year.   
  • Wonderful gift item for any time of the year.
  • And don’t delay on ordering this popular keepsake.  Selling out by year’s end is standard practice.

About Karen Adams 

Karen Adams goal is to be clever, innovative, classic but maintain a sense of humor along the way.  Karen says “I want people to smile or laugh and feel good. You know when you are out for a walk and pass someone who smiles and says “hello” and you think “ I love that people smile and say hi, this world is pretty great.”   The Karen Adams 2019 Calendar will bring laughter to your day and brighten the corner of your desk.  

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